Unity Basmati Biryani Rice

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Unity Basmati Biryani Rice is one of the most amazing products from the house of India Gate Foods. It is a variant of steamed basmati rice that has been appreciated for a long time for making mouth-watering biriyani dishes. The steamed cooking process of this rice is what makes it an ideal choice for prolonged cooking time, especially when classic ingredients of a biriyani dish, such as vegetables or meat, are added to it.

If you are fond of enjoying biryani with the most royal taste of all time, this is the pack of rice you must have at your home. Every pack of Unity Basmati is filled with aromatic and long grains that are approved by the biggest chefs in the nation for the mouth-watering biryani that they have to offer.

Whether you are about to cook food to serve a family of 4 or a big gathering, you are going to leave a long-lasting impression. Let people lick the last grain of biryani rice from their fingers while you serve them more of it. If there is any debate about what’s the best rice for biryani in India, Unity beats the records, as it is one of the best-sellers and the most considered option among all.

The best thing about the Unity Basmati Rice company is the rice is made up of a special hydration technique, which helps preserve the loved aroma of basmati while maintaining the traditional length of those grains. Thus, you will get more serving with this variant of India Gate basmati than any of the other options in the market. The consistency of these grains is unmatched, as you would find them to be delectable or fluffy, even after being cooked for a long time.

Gone are the days when you had to eat biryani by buying it from the nearest food start-up stalls. You can definitely support them over time, but the fun of having delicious biryani at your own home by spreading its cooking aroma all around the space, is a next-level feeling. You don’t have to adjust to the spiciness, flavour or limited meat pieces in a plate of biryani at the local stores. It is now in your hands to decide how your biryani should taste and what ingredients it needs!

Unity Basmati Rice creates a fine start for you to cook your plate of biryani dish at home. Unlike other rice variants, this pack of rice won’t lose out on its deliciousness when you cook it for a prolonged time. The distinct aroma will persist, and the flavour will be unmatched. It is upon you to choose between a 1-kg or a 5-kg pack, depending on how frequently you crave biryanis throughout the week.

If you have a guest get-together hosted at your place anytime soon, don’t hesitate to set up a biryani menu for the day. Unity by India Gate offers you the best basmati rice for biryani, which ensures no guest would leave your place without giving you a plethora of compliments for the fluffiness and deliciousness of the rice.

India Gate, being one of the best biryani rice brands, maintains international quality manufacturing standards to ensure the premiums stay intact. Following that, the rice we manufacture is cleaned and sorted in hygienic facilities, following which they are packed securely, ensuring no human hands touch a single rice grain. Be assured, the first aroma you inhale upon unpacking the Unity Basmati Biryani Rice will mesmerise you to turn on the stove and get the dish ready for meal-time.

Some of the key features associated with Unity Basmati Biryani Rice by India Gate are:

  • There are no limitations on what kind of biryani dish would seem suitable for being cooked with a pack of Unity rice. If you have the recipe in hand, these basmati grains can take them all!
  • It is the extra long grain basmati rice, which stays intact even when you cook it for a prolonged time. This quality is what ensures your servings will be more with a pack of Unity Basmati than its counterparts.
  • Ideal for cooking both limited as well larger portions of biryani!



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