India Gate Jeera Rice

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India Gate Jeera Rice is a symbol of India’s vast, and diverse cultural heritage, blending Mughal and Malabar cuisine beautifully. This rice is immensely popular in southern India and is the main ingredient in dishes such as the Thalaserry Biryani, Payasam, and Jeera Rice. The best harvest in the region is identified and quality tested before being transferred to India’s largest, and most high-end rice milling plant, where it is cleaned, milled and packaged.

All India Gate products are produced with international quality standards, cleaned, sorted and packed in superior, hygienic and state-of-the-art facilities, completely untouched by human hands.

  • Also known as Kaima Rice in Kerala, Gobindobhog in West Bengal and Ambemohar in Maharashtra
  • Extensively used in Malabar cuisine
  • Has a sweet taste and distinct aroma

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  • India Gate Basmati Rice – Wedding | India’s Old Habit (Hindi)

  • India Gate Basmati Rice | India’s Old Habit (Hindi)

  • India Gate – Yeh Eid Banao Classic

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