Ageing Perfectionists

Naturally Aged to Perfection
for upto 2 years

Ageing of Basmati Rice is as essential as it is for wine and scotch. Ageing enhances the attributes of basmati by reducing moisture content, increasing aroma, length, and taste. INDIA GATE basmati rice is aged over for upto 2 years which not only enhances its attributes but also gives an excellent cooking experience. The result is guaranteed consistency at the consumer table- Every time!
At KRBL we have made it our mission to ensure consistently longer aged rice to deliver better value to the customers. As a result we have basmati from 1 year aged upto 2.5 years aged to cater to every segment of the consumer.

The two color pyramid logo is KRBL guarantee that at the time of purchase a consumer is buying minimum 1 year aged rice. Consumers now take this quality pyramid as KRBL quality hallmark and for ease of recognition. KRBL always places this logo on the top left corner of the pack. Ageing is 100% done in house under guidance of many expert eyes. Scientific and historical observation have given us a unique understanding to improve and optimize the ageing periods of various basmati varieties.


At KRBL, the paddy we purchase in a season is kept in storage for a minimum of one year and then is shipped out over a span of the next year. Hence, safe storage of the paddy for such a long duration is a consideration we take quite seriously. A huge warehousing space is required with the most hygienic storage conditions, ongoing fumigation and safe custody of cargo. With our warehousing capacity of over 5 million sq. feet equipped with comprehensive systems that ensure maximum protection from ground, moisture, humidity, bird droppings, rodents and infestation through micro-organisms and insects, we are clearly a cut above our competitors. Today, we have the capacity to store 6,00,000 MT of rice and paddy at any given time, valued at over USD 500 million.