India Gate Select Rice

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Rediscover Excellence in Taste with India Gate Select Basmati Rice

India Gate Select Basmati Rice is another popular variant of basmati rice from the popular brand for every Indian kitchen. As one of the trusted names for your kitchen shelves, India Gate delivers the best basmati premium rice brand with India Gate Select basmati rice. What is the unique highlight of India Gate Select? Apart from the credibility of India Gate, you can find many other reasons to add India Gate Select basmati rice to your shopping lists. First of all, you would not want to miss the delectable aroma of basmati rice with your favorite Indian curries such as Mutton Rogan Josh or Chicken Hyderabadi.

How is the India Gate Select Basmati Rice Unique?

It is understandable to have concerns about India Gate Select basmati rice’s quality before committing to a purchase. The top-quality basmati rice comes with a distinctive aroma that sets it apart from other brands of basmati rice. As a matter of fact, the aroma of the basmati rice could turn a regular meal into a feast. The India Gate Select basmati rice is not only suitable for creating traditional recipes with rice but also as a companion for other Indian dishes. How? The slender and long grains, alongside an ageing period of at least 1.5 years, ensure that the India Gate Select basmati rice develops a distinctive flavor.

What are the Advantages of India Gate Select Basmati Rice?

You might be on the fence about using basmati rice in your upcoming social gathering. India Gate ensures that you don’t have to compromise with the quality of basmati premium rice variants. The India Gate Select basmati rice has been nurtured in the foothills of the Himalayas and processed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of India Gate. Here are some of the unique reasons to choose the India Gate Select basmati rice.

  • Enjoy the best quality of basmati rice delivered from the farm to feast with unmatched consistency.
  • India Gate is one of the trusted brands for packaged rice in India, with a legacy that spans over 130 years.
  • The assurance of perfect ageing of the top-quality basmati rice within controlled environments ensures that the rice has full volume and a smooth texture.
  • The India Gate, Select Basmati Rice, offers the assurance of zero contamination and promises purity and hygiene through packaging in the best facilities.
  • Try the India Gate Select Basmati Rice for any feast and relish the quality and aroma of one of the finest basmati rice brands.


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