India Gate Super Basmati Rice

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Cook Delightful Recipes with India Gate Super Basmati Rice

India Gate Super Basmati Rice is the ideal companion for your dining table on days when you want to have something special on the menu. It is a high-quality basmati rice preferred by thousands of Indians as an ideal pick for relishing native dishes. You can create recipes such as biriyanis or pulaos or simply cook the rice to enjoy other native dishes. For example, a plate of India Gate Super basmati rice would be the perfect addition alongside special Indian dishes like Rajma, Sambhar, or Kadhi.

The Perfect Rice for Biryani and Pulao

India Gate Super basmati rice is a full-grain rice and could serve as an ideal choice for making different premium dishes. The premium quality basmati rice could help you create recipes such as Zafrani Pulao, Lemon Rice, Nawabi Pulao, Lemon Rice, Awadhi Pulao, Yakhni Pulao, and Ghee Rice. It has been aged for almost two years to ensure the distinctive quality and aroma of the rice. The handpicked grains in the product also provide the assurance of consistency in quality that you can boast of to your friends and family.

Some of the other promising features of India Gate Super basmati rice include the delightful aroma and fluffy texture. You should also note that the rice could elongate to two times its original size after cooking. The distinctive aroma of the rice, complemented by a mild flavor, ensures that you can use the rice as a versatile addition to different types of dining choices.

How to Get the Best Results with Indian Gate Super Basmati Rice?

You can rely on India Gate Super basmati rice for any type of culinary pursuit in an Indian kitchen. Interestingly, you can try some hacks with premium quality basmati rice to ensure the best results in cooking.

  • You can soak the rice for at least 30 minutes before cooking to have the longest grains.
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice can help you achieve the perfect texture.
  • Adding some ghee to the rice could elevate the distinctive aroma of the rice.
  • Most experts recommend that you should opt for open cooking.
    Some of the distinctive traits of the India Gate Super Basmati Rice include,
  • The brand name of India Gate has been a trusted choice for thousands of customers for over two decades.
  • The high-quality basmati rice also offers the assurance of purity and hygiene with completely air-tight packaging and zero contamination.
  • India Gate also ensures perfection in quality through the ageing of the basmati rice in natural conditions supported by controlled environments.
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