India Gate Brown Basmati Rice

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The Perfect India Gate Brown Basmati Rice

India Gate’s brown basmati rice is for people who are inclined towards fitness and being active throughout the day. Your active daily schedule needs a bowl of our rich basmati brown rice, which is naturally cholesterol-free, is an optimal source of fibre, free from gluten, and also keeps you full for a longer time.

We claim that your bowl of brown basmati rice by India Gate will be ready within 12 minutes of cooking time. Now that’s a WOW factor, isn’t it?

Among the top basmati brown rice brands, there are limited names that bring to you the aromatic desire you intend to achieve. Unlike white rice, your brown basmati is a whole grain as it doesn’t undergo the milling process.

We have held onto the nutty flavour and unique texture of the brown basmati rice, giving you an amazing base for lunch or dinner get-togethers. You don’t have to be the perfect cook to feel the readiness of our India Gate brown basmati rice on the stove. The aroma itself would invite you to turn down the heat and get the plates ready.

The nutritional value of brown rice is quite convincing to make it your next forever rice staple. In a bowl of 100 grams of cooked basmati rice, you get 0.4 grams of fibre, 3.5 grams of protein, 126 mg of Sodium, and 0 mg of Cholesterol.

The best thing about our product is we have made the product ideal for diabetic patients. The GI index is low, which helps you regulate the blood sugar levels and helps in managing diabetes.

In addition to that, amino acids present in every pack would help you support your muscle growth and accelerate your weight loss efforts. Basmati rice is also an optimal source of magnesium, which helps you with blood sugar regulation and bone development.

If you are bored of eating those regular rice meals in your lunch and dinner, try our India Gate Brown Basmati Rice to elevate the taste and satisfaction quotient. We are the best brown basmati rice brand in all of India and have maintained the utmost quality standards, even when there were no regulations intact.

We follow international quality standardisation norms to ensure every packet you receive is sorted, hygienic, and cleaned in terms of its rice and packaging. No human hands ever touched the rice grains while they were being packed and getting ready for deliveries.

The natural wave of fragrance you get upon opening the seal of your brown basmati rice pack will tell you the authenticity of our product.

When it is about the health parameters, brown basmati rice benefits are unmatched! You get zinc, B vitamins, phosphorus, and fibre in abundance. Beyond being able to control diabetes, it also reduces the overall risk of heart problems and blood pressure problems.

India Gate, being the best brown rice brand in India, has proven these health parameters in accordance with reviews by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. With this, we recommend you consume brown basmati rice daily without worrying about any kind of adversities.

Consuming whole grains regularly helps you keep your body rich with nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. Thus, if you are someone who never hesitates to take on the odd jobs that life throws at you every day, your body needs to support your passion for working hard. Hence, this is where the dieter comes in.

Adding a bowl of brown basmati rice by India Gate to your diet would help you fulfil the daily quota of healthiness for your body! Give your pulao, pilafs, or biriyani an elegant taste with health factors on priority!

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