India Gate Classic Basmati Rice

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India Gate Classic Basmati Rice – The Taste of Every Indian

When you look for the best Indian basmati rice online, you will undoubtedly be linked back to India Gate Classic. There is no match to the taste, aroma, and health benefits that a single pack of India Gate Classic basmati rice has to offer. This is the new exotic class of basmati that we have introduced in our store.

The unmatched taste of these long grains will help you cherish the special moments in life. May it be a wedding or a simple get-together at home, cooking the best quality basmati rice fills the entire house with a soothing aroma, making your guests feel hungry a bit sooner. Our India Gate Classic is a pack of speciality rice that will help you create an outstanding impression among the guests.

Not only that, but a bowl full of this rice would complement almost every side dish you can think of. It just feels great to feel this rice in the palm of my hand while eating it in a classic Indian style. Every grain of our long basmati rice has a smooth and pearl-white appeal. The extra fineness and length are what you call the true attributes of the best basmati rice with aroma.

Every batch of India Gate Classic is aged for at least two years, which scales the length of the grain by 20%, making it the best long-grain basmati rice. Not only that, but our aged pack of basmati gives you 30% more servings after being cooked than the regular non-aged basmati.

Whether you are fond of Awadhi pulao or Hyderabadi biryani, India Gate’s best long basmati rice can be your ideal pick to satisfy your cravings. Delicious flavour in dishes is what adds charm to special occasions and celebrations. So, why compromise on it?

India Gate Classic is the staple for every big occasion in India. May it be a big party with thousands of guests or a small gathering of ten people, the aroma of these elongated rice grains is what brings people together. The endless conversations and compliments for the meal with every bite are what our pack of rice has to offer you.

Every pack of India Gate Classic basmati rice goes through international standardisation. They are cleaned with hygiene as a priority consideration. The packaging of these rice products is emphasised to ensure they stay fresh with the aroma locked in them safely until you unleash it.

From a quick breakfast to fulfilling afternoon meals, India Gate Classic has been part of every meal for the Indians. India Gate’s best quality basmati rice price in India is set at a reasonable price tag to ensure every Indian can avail the delicacy of these products. Get yours today!

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  • India Gate Basmati Rice | India’s Old Habit (Hindi)

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