basmati the god of grains

Basmati – The God of Grains

There are over a thousand aromatic rice varieties but only a handful of those varieties can be called ‘Basmati’. The name comes from two Sanskrit root words – Vas which means aroma; and Matup which means ingrained. Having distinguished itself as the ‘white pearl’, basmati is an ancient grain of India.

Traditionally being grown for the selected royal families of India, Basmati has undergone a revolution, making India the No 1 exporter of this wonder rice in the world. While it has been cultivated in India for centuries, it wasn’t as widely available as it is today. The earliest recorded mention of Basmati was in the epic Punjabi tale Heer Ranjha which was written in 1777 by Waris Shah. Then, Basmati was considered an item of luxury & grown for royalty and was a notoriously difficult crop to grow which made it extremely expensive.

Things changed starting in the late 1960s when the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, popularly known as the PUSA Institute, under the leadership of Dr. VP Singh. Dr. Singh worked towards scientifically developing newer varieties of Basmati. India, at the time, became the epicenter of the Basmati revolution, and KRBL was the company that made this transition happen. It was the only company that believed in the potential of newer and developed varieties of Basmati Rice by the IARI (PUSA Institute) and was instrumental in promoting, growing, and marketing these new breeds like PUSA-1121, which are now the most popular and most grown varieties of Basmati rice in the selective regions of India.

KRBL through its flagship brand INDIA GATE BASMATI RICE is now present in every corner of India with a strong distribution network. It has helped to make basmati a global product and now exports in over 82 countries across the globe. Discovery Channel through their flagship series INSIDE OUT has covered this journey of the millennium, of a product so premium that can rightly be called “The God of Grains”.

Basmati – The God of Grains is an incredible story of how this wonder grain from India is carefully selected, processed, and checked before being packed for millions of customers across the world. It is also a testament to everything that makes KRBL an industry leader, right from developing the perfect seed to international standards of production and packaging to constantly delivering the highest quality in all of our products. Indulge into the complete journey of Basmati Rice from Farms of India to the plates of unlimited cuisines across the world. This is the story of an ancient, yet modern grain. This is the story of Basmati -The God of Grains.

So, the next time you bite into a spoonful of fluffy, aromatic Basmati rice, remember the rich journey that the grains have taken to land up on your plate!