largest milling facility

100% integrated milling plants

KRBL’s core mandate has been size. Be it the scale of Contact Farming or the size of milling operations, our vision and execution has been king-size. We take immense pride in having the capacity to mill 195 MT per hour of paddy via our various plants in the basmati producing belt. Our large scale operations not only deliver consistently, but negate any chances of external rice trading, thereby eliminating contamination of KRBL rice with aflatoxin or microbiological agents.

Our paddy milling plants are located in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which strategically cover the northernmost and southernmost tip of Basmati land. Small grading and polishing stations supported by our procurement network across Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh enable us in handle gigantic proportions of paddy in the short harvesting period of basmati.

All our plants mill both raw and parboiled basmati and are fully equipped with state of the art machinery to ensure consistency in every grain. We also produce husk-fuelled power in our plants as our commitment to the environment and our stakeholders alike.

KRBL LTD. has the capacity to handle 35% of total Basmati production of India because:

– We can process 1.4 MMT of paddy = approx. 900,000 MT of Rice = approx. 43,000 containers a year
– We can process 1 container in 6.46 minutes
– We currently operate on an investment of over US$ 130 million