Ms. Priyanka Mittal

Ms. Priyanka Mittal

Ms. Priyanka Mittal is the Whole Time Director on the board of KRBL Limited. Born in 1977, Ms. Priyanka Mittal is having an experience of over 19 years. She is responsible for international sales & marketing of the branded business of KRBL Limited. She is graduate of Harvard Business School’s OPM programme and an undergraduate of University of Southern California. She is on the Board of the University of Southern California Veterbi School of Engineering. In 2018, she was awarded the Business Woman of the Decade Award by WEF (Woman Economic Forum). Given her interest in promoting women leadership she was also a Special Advisor to the Women Political Leaders Global Forum (formally known as Women in Parliament, a European Parliament Initiative).

She was the first woman elected as the Northern Region Chairperson of FIEO, Ministry of Commerce, and Government of India. In the past she has been Co-Chairperson of Foreign Trade & Investment Committee as well as the Chairperson Agri Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has given presentation to the President of Nigeria and key political heads of state on Nigeria’s potential on rice self-sufficiency with the collaboration with KRBL.

She also represented the Indian Rice industry in a CII delegation to Malaysia for open market access on agriculture commodities from India. Besides, she had also put forward India’s interest to BERNAS, Malaysia’s Rice controlling body. Ms Mittal’s recent subjects of interest and talks have been food security and sustainability, hunger and malnutrition issues, supply chain management and food storage and wastage.

List of other Directorships

  • 1. India Gate Foods Private Limited