Rice bran oil

Rice Bran Oil

Like husk, Basmati bran too was once a low-value byproduct used only for cattle feed. Today, rice bran oil is in demand for its nutritional value. But to get the best quality rice bran oil, it is important, to extract the oil from the bran as soon as possible. Doing that is no problem for KRBL’s fully integrated infrastructure, which has an in-house bran oil extraction plant.

Rice bran can be converted into nutraceutical (health food) products and is also a good source of edible/industrial oi with an oil content anywhere between 16% to 25%. In less than 6 hours, rice bran passes through the conveyers to produce the crude form of rice bran oil and is then sent to the refinery where crystal clear edible oil is manufactured. Once the oil is extracted- the remaining bran is caked and supplied in the market as cattle feed. Thus, there is zero waste in KRBL’s operations which contributes to the company’s business.

Benefits –

  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Best oil for the heart
  • Effective in lowering cholesterol
  • Help to lower blood pressure
  • Keeps your blood sugar maintained